Bringing our cows in so we can spray them for lice and  flies and then branding our calves.
All 26 of our cows in the lane where we can split the cows and the calves.
All of our cows split off from the calves are ready to be pushed through the other lane where we can spray them as they go through.
Pushing the last of one group of our cows through the lane so my uncle can spray them.
All of our calves split off and in a holding pen waiting to be pushed through the lane to the branding table.
More of our calves waiting.
Taking care of a cow in the shoot.
One of our cows walking through the lane getting sprayed.
Vaccinating the cow.
My cousin pushing a calf through the lane and into the branding tale.
Banding one of our December bull calves. When this process is complete the bull calf becomes a steer.
Vaccinating one of our calves.
Putting a tag in the ear of one of our calves so we know who it belongs to.
All of our branding irons in the branding pot.
My uncle branding one of our calves with a hot branding iron.
smoke coming from the branding iron.
The first part of my grandpa's brand being placed on the side of the calf.
My cousin's cow waiting for her calf to be let out of the branding table.
Letting one of the claves out of the branding table after being branded.
The calf out of the branding table and back with her mother.