Walking through the cornfield during a good year.
This is what wheat looks like before it is properly ripened. It is green and squishy in the middle. Once the wheat looks golden and ready it still has to ripen for two more weeks.
This is what ripened wheat looks like. It is ready to cut and is beautiful looking.
Putting new froks on the combine before harvest.
Combines sitting in the field waiting to cut the crop.
Combine cutting wheat.
Unloading the wheat into a truck.
The combine is unloading the wheat that it cut. It hold approximately 250 bushels of wheat in its bin.
The combine is dumping the last load of wheat onto the truck. This was the last field for the year.
The combine is just finishing up a field. This is my own farm ground.
An uncut wheat field with the elevator that the wheat is taken to in the far distance.
Ana lope and their offspring roam in one of our pastures.
Childern in the wheat field after harvest.
We are preparing to brand.  We are getting the vacines ready for the calfs and warming up the branding iron.
They are putting a rubber band on banding tool. They will then use this tool to band the bull calfs.
We are seperating the calfs from the cows so that we can take them and brand them without the mother cows getting in the way.
We have now moved the calfs into what we call the tub. We will shut the gate behind them and then put them into the shoot where we will brand them.
Someone then gets into the tub and pushes the clafs into the shoot where the calfs moeve up and are caught and branded.
Here is where the calf will be caught and then tipped sideways. After that they will be vacinated, branded, and banded if it is a bull calf.