Mowing grass silage, which will be stored for cow feed.
Mowing from another angle, this mower has a conditioner that way the grass dries faster and keeps better quality.
Tractor with rake, this rake puts the grass in a windrow as you will see in the next picture.
Tedding the grass, with a tedder you basically spread the grass and turn it over. that way it dries much faster.
As you can see all the grass is windrowed. These lines are much easier to pick up with the loader wagon.
The loader wagon pick up the windrows of grass and transports them from the field to the farm.
Loading from a closer angle the tractor drives over the windrows made by the rake and the wagon loads them.
Now the loader wagon is filled and the grass is ready to be stored for later use.
The loader wagon drives to the farm where the grass gets stored in a pit this is called ensilage. The tractor on top of it is packing the grass to  get all air out of the pile.
The packing is very important that’s why 2 machines are used to ensure feed quality. The yellow roller in front is used to spread the grass evenly on the pit.
Once all the grass is loader in the pile, we put plastic over so the grass is protected from weather. This is also better for the fermentation A process in which the bacteria convert the grass sugar to acids. Which will make it impossible for mold to damage the feed quality.
Now the grass can grow again so this whole process can repeat.