Our vet did a farm call. He was checking if our horse's stomach was twisted and if he felt anything unusual.
He is giving him a shot.
putting the shot into his neck.
He is piniching his nose for he can get the tube down his nose.
He is now putting the hose through his nose down to his stomach
He is blowing into the tube to get the lubricant to go through.
He then puts some water through the tube to get all the lubricant out of the tube.
The helper is keeping Exalciburs head up so it flows better.
The lubricant was to help everything in his stomach to move through. He was checking to see if it was coming through. The next day none of it came through, so he came back and put him down.
They are pinning a break in the dogs leg with a pin.
The vet is pushing the pin down to where the break ends on both sides.
The pin in the dogs leg.
Stitching the leg
This is a cone that the vets put over the dogs or cats head for they do not mess with the wound or take out the stitches.
The processes of healing. This is what they call granulating.
The processes of healing. (2)
The processes of healing. (3)
As the wound begins to heal the outer layer of skin start to come back and so does the fur surrounding the wound.