I going to take you through the live of young stock. It starts with the birth. The feet of the calfs are coming out and are pointing in the right direction.
The newly born calf has just arrived. Everything went good and the cow and the calf are both in good condition.
After calving, we immediately give the first milk of the mother to the calf. The first milk is really important because it holds all the antibodies which will keep the calf healthy.
Directly after milking the first milk is being fed to the calf. The milk has to be at body temperature.
Feeding the first milk to the calf.
The calf is being put in a pen where he has less change to become sick of other cows wich may infect the calf. The bull calfs are being sold and raised for  the veal and meat. The female cows are raised so they can become dairy cows.
Calf in a pen
Once the calf is older it stays in a larger straw pen in which the calf has more space.
As you can see all the calfs are wearing collars. These collars allow the farmer to keep track of the milk intake of each calf.
This machine is making the milk for the calfs.
Once the calf is 3 months old it is being moved to the youngstock barn with a concrete floor. The calf isn’t fed any milk no more.
The barn
They are really curious
a curious cow.
This is the oldest group of young stock and these are ready to for A.I.