Dough of the pretzel being smelled.
The dough for the pretzels had to be rolled out in snake like shapes by hand.
Once the dough was rolled out we folded them in the ‘standard’ shape of a pretzel, again by hand.
Banana bread dry ingredients.
The dry ingredients being mixed together for banana bread.
For the banana bread, we measured out the butter and added in eggs directly to the dry ingredients.
Mash up the soft bananas and then add that to the batter as well.
The batter is then well mixed and it is ready to be cooked.
We put the batter into a non-stick sprayed loaf pan.
After the banana bread is cooked in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes we tested the bread with a toothpick to make sure it was done all the way through. The tooth pick came out clean so the bread was ready to be eaten!
For chocolate chips you start by softening the butter in the bowl you intend to use.
Once you have added the chocolate chips you are done with the dough!
For the chocolate chips we measure out and mix in the sugar, brown sugar and wet ingredients.
Spoon the dough onto a nonstick or sprayed pan to avoid the cookies from sticking.
After you have cooked the cookies in your preset oven and timed them, you are ready to eat them!
The first step in making bread pudding is to combine eggs (beat in a seperate bowl first), cinnamon, vanilla, milk and salt in a medium to large bowl.
The next step is to cube the bread. You must allow the bread to sit out long enough for it to dry out some prior to this step.
Now add the sugar and make sure your mixture isn't too runny. If so add a few more bread cubes to help thicken it up. Also make sure the entire mixture is well mixed and all the bread is moistened and has the cinnamon and sugar coating.
Pour the mixture into a dish. Place the dish in to a pan. Around the dish, into the pan pour about one inch of warm water. Cover the dish and place in oven!
Check the bread pudding periodically and near the end of the cook time uncover it to brown and crisp up the top. Once it is the texture you desire you have finished. Enjoy!
When making Goulash you will start with the following ingredients; Noodles, Chili Beans, Ground Beef and salt and pepper to season the meat.
The next step will be to begin browning the meat in a large pan.
While you are cooking the meat, begin boiling the noodles. When they are tender (to your preference) drain and rinse them.
When the meat is fully cooked pour in the Chili Beans. Mix in and warm through. Once the noodles are finished you will pour them in with the meat and beans. The noodles must be added after the beans.
When the noodles have been mixed in you will add Chili Powder and Ketchup. The amount is just to your taste preference.
Once it is thoroughly mixed together and warmed through you can plate! Pair with some tasty garlic bread and enjoy!!
The mix for the breading that you dip the chicken strips in before you bake them