Fresh grass
We are known for cows in the pasture. We have an ideal climate for grass, we let our cows graze in the pasture. In this way we don’t have to silage the grass and bring out the manure. But where the cow shits on the meadow, the grass is not eaten for a while.
Even the dairy cows are outside, they are brought to the milking parlour in the afternoon. And they stay inside for the night.
The cows can drink water here. The solar panel on top powers a pump. If there aren’t any cows drinking the water, the energy gets stored in a battery. This is convenient on cloudy days like these.
The water is pumped from this ditch.
As you can see the cows to eat all the grass. That’s one of the reasons why farmers chose to hold their cows in the barn.
Bringing the cows to the barn. In the distance you can see the barn.
A picture of cows drinking.
I really like the view of all the cows walking in a row to the barn.
The last part of their daily walk.