Herke and Jouke in front of the new John Deere at the Eldiringhoff farm.
Field tour on the Eldringhoff farm, here they just planted winter wheat.
In here they catch and separate the cows.
The Eldringhoff barn, on the facade you can see their brand.
This is called a pond, they use it to store the water.
A nice view from the Jolly ranch, you can see how dry the soil is.
Leading the cattle to a new pasture.
Dirt roads.
Heifers (young cow) at their pen at bijou dairy. They have about 1000 dairy cows.
Calves in their pen.
Sheds for the calves.
Packing the corn silage.
This man brought 2 calves to the hoof trimmer, he drove 1,5 hour to get here.
Eddie trimming the claws of the 2 calves.
View from the hill.
Nice view on the Rocky Mountains.
This is the FFA (future farmers of America) conference.
Bonfire at the end of the day.
Some cattle near the road.
Unloading cattle at the sales barn.
We went to the Colorado State University with this bus.
A stack of hay bales for sale.
A nice view in the evening.
Eddie with his classic gun collection.
The Food Lockers in Deer Trail
The big John Deere seeding combination at the Eldringhoff farm.
An irrigation system used to grow alfalfa.
Lunch at the red barn.
Oversized loads.
Wimke and Wapke at the John Deere dealer.
The Deer Trail water tower.
Feeding the cows with a truck at Bijou Dairy.
Group picture in front of the DFA milk truck. The milk is collected every day.
Taking a drive in the Jolly truck.
Watching Cara roping calves.
A day at the bison ranch and farm. The farm owned 40.000 acres of land.
Some of the bisons.
One of the 8 ‘Case’ tractors.
Zeb is explaining how the sprayer works.
A day shooting at the shooting ranch.
Gerko shooting a shotgun.
Eldringhoff road sign.
Cara roping a calf.
Wimke, Gea and Wapke waiting outside.
Picture of an old Ford, parked in the field.
One of the windmills they use to pump drinking water for the cattle.
The Simla food store.
The unloading ramp at the sales barn.
A view at the red rocks. The area is called the Garden of the Gods.
A river in the Rocky Mountains.
Snow in the Rocky Mountains.
Group picture with the boys at Eddie’s home.
Eddie playing at his piano.