I am going to take you through the process of hoof trimming. Here you can see the empty hoof trimming stand.
This is a cow in the trimming stand.
This cow was crippling. It became clear that it had to do with an Infectious disease. The best cure for this is using medication directly on the hoof and covered with bandage.
This is the claw before trimming. Before you trim the cow you must take good notice of the way the cow walks. Also the color difference is a good indicator of any infection.
After all the procedures the cow is ready to be trimmed. For the trimming we use an electrical trimmer which is much faster to use than a knife.
Trimming in progress.
This is the claw after trimming as you can see. We start off with the claw length. Then we equalize the hight of the both claws. And we make some space in the middle.
Here are the levers for the hydraulics. These makes hoof trimming a much safer operation for farmer and cow.